For those of you who are looking for a bike that’s suitable for fitness, fun rides and commuting to work, you will be happy to get your hands on a flat bar road bike. A flat bar road bike, also called a fitness bike by some, is a hybrid bike designed for road usage, or a road bike with a flat handlebar in place of a drop bar. This bike is similar to many other road bikes, sharing characteristics such as nimble handling, skinnier tyres, and gearing designed to be efficient on the road. But what makes them unique? That’s precisely the one feature they are named after – the flat handlebars – as well as a more upright position. Together, they will make you feel more stable on the bike, and more comfortable for both short rides to the grocery store around the corner, and longer rides on the road.

Flat Bar and Drop Bar Bikes – What Is the Difference?

When it comes to drop bar road bikes, they offer an option of several different hand hold positions, thus making them more comfortable. On the other hand, not many riders actually use that option and spend 90% of the time riding with their hands on the brake hoods. When riding a flat bar bike, you don’t need to be hunched over the bars. Truth is, many people don’t even want to look like a road bike rider, and would rather avoid drop bar bikes. If you hop on a flat bar bike, you can look like a person just going about their day, nothing seeming out of place!

The bicycle raises your eye level, allowing you to see over cars' roofs, making it safer to ride in traffic. Breaks and gears are also easy to use and intuitive as they are the same on any mountain bike, thus being familiar to the majority of cyclists. Finally, they feature mudguard mounts and are appropriate for rainy days. 


All flat bar bicycles from Bicycles Online come with disc brakes. These brakes are highly advantageous when riding on bad surfaces because damage to the rim does not affect them. This, along with their great stopping power, excellent performance in all weather conditions, and exceptional speed modulation, makes disc brakes a prevalent version.


At usually 28-32c wide, tyres in a flat bar road bike are a bit wider than a traditional road bike tyre but still narrower than in an urban or hybrid tyre. This allows for higher speed and efficiency during the ride, but at the same time, it’s offering decent puncture protection from obstacles such as tram tracks and curbs. 

Perfect for City Riding

Riding a flat bar road bike, you’ll soon feel that it’s indeed an efficient one. The frames in these bikes are performance-designed while being road bikes, it means that you will have excellent gear shifting, braking, and road control. You will also notice that you don't need to put in as much effort in pedalling to move your forward compared to a normal mountain bike. Last, but not least: all these features make a flat bar road bike a lightweight one, which is a double benefit. One, a lightweight bicycle is easy to ride and control – that’s obvious. Two, if you live in a building and need to carry it upstairs or downstairs – it’s significant if it doesn’t carry too much weight. Perfect for those residing in a city!

Speed, Gearing, and Terrain

The lightweight frame and wide tyres of the flat bar road bike lend themselves to faster speeds. Additionally, tough, gearing in these bikes is also optimised for flat and fast roads. These bikes have narrower gear ranges (Gear Ranges are closer from highest to lowest giving the flat bar road bike a faster and smoother gear shifting feeling).

Due to the gearing on Flat Bar Road Bikes, bigger and steeper hills will demand more from you as gears tend to be harder than on mountain bikes.; but ultimately, that’s not what you would expect them to. If you’re looking for a bike that will take you to work, or just want to bring to your spin classes outdoors, then a flat bar road bike is the bike for you. Work and play is what you will get from a flat bar road bike!


In case your commute to work is a bit too long for riding, but you wouldn’t like to drive for a number of reasons (saving the planet!), maybe a flat bar e-bike is a choice for you. An electric bike will not only take you further than a normal bike on an everyday basis, but it has an ability to flatten hills, so to speak. However, if the commute is long and flat, an e-bike battery can last longer provided you cruise above 25kph. But If you ride at a slower speed, the motor might help you along but the battery might drain quicker. If it’s hilly where you live and work, an e-bike can be a great way to avoid the traffic jam.

Flat Bar Road Bikes at Bicycles Online

If you’re seeking a comfortable bike that won’t sacrifice speed, any flat bar model from Bicycles Online will set you for a smooth ride. Whether you want to cut your commute in half or exercise outdoors, this uniquely designed bike will help you on your mission