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Road bikes are also referred to as racing bikes, and feature in races such as the Tour de France or the Tour Down Under. The bikes are also very popular for commuters as well as weekend riders. They are designed to be fast and efficient and hence make use of lightweight frame materials combined with high pressure, narrow tyres. They typically fall into two major categories, drop bar and flat bar. 

Drop bar bikes, feature the “ram horns” type of handle bar, which allows the rider a number of different positions where you can place your hands during longer rides. On modern road bicycles the gear mechanism is integrated into the brake lever both for ergonomics and aerodynamics. 

Broadly speaking drop bar bikes have subcategories including endurance bikes, which are favoured for their more comfortable upright riding position, as well as racing bikes which are feature more aggressive riding positions. Some are also designed with specific aerodynamic characteristics. 

Flat bar bikes have the same frame as drop bar bikes, but feature a mountain bike type handle bar with mountain bike type shifters. This horizontal bar, makes the riding position more upright and comfortable as well. 

All sizes are measured in cm and vary in increments of 2 or 3 cm. 

Similar to other brands such as Giant bicycles or Trek bikes, Polygon bikes come equipped with componenets using the latest in cycling technology such as Shimano, Schwalbe, Ritchey, Mavic and more.


Endurance Alloy Road Bikes

Endurance Alloy

  • Focused on reliability and ergonomics
  • Light weight endurance alloy road frame 
  • Upright riding position on the bike
  • Extremely durable frame, perfect for commuting
  • Carbon Fork and tapered carbon steerer for improved dampening of any vibrations from the road
  • Affordable price point
  • Not as comfortable as Carbon
  • Alloy frames are slightly heavier than carbon frames
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate riders that want to take up cycling.
  • Commuters will be pleased with bike and components durability.
Endurance Carbon Road Bikes

Endurance Carbon

  • UCI approved, ready for competition
  • Lightweight Carbon frame helps with climbing and acceleration
  • Upright riding position on the bike 
  • Stiff and responsive frame gives you great power transfer
  • Full Carbon frame and fork dampens vibrations and adds comfort to the ride
  • Endurance specific geometry, ideal for long rides
  • Higher starting price point
  • Pedals not included
  • Not as racing oriented as the Aero Bikes
  • Beginners who are looking for lighter weight and extra comfort.
  • Intermediate and Advanced riders that want an endurance bike for Grand Fondos and hilly rides where a comfortable and efficient riding position is important.
Aero Racing Carbon Road Bikes

Aero Racing Carbon

  • UCI approved racing aerodynamic frame and fork
  • Incredibly stiff frame gives you amazing power transfer
  • Under 900 grams total weight for the frame 
  • Aero Frame and aerodynamic components slice the wind giving you extra speed
  • Carbon frame provides extra comfort on long rides
  • Aggressive riding position doesn't suit all riders
  • No pedals included
  • Not as comfortable as the Endurance Bikes
  • Advanced riders who want an Aero bike.
  • Club racing riders looking for a racing bike.
  • Can be used as a TT and Triathlon Bike.
Flat Bar Road Bikes

Flat Bar

  • Flat handlebar elevates your riding position
  • Focused on reliability and durability
  • Light weight alloy frame with a carbon fork 
  • Alloy frame is perfect for commuting
  • Improved comfort for shorter rides and safer riding with traffic
  • Can be used as a transition bike into road cycling
  • No carbon frame option
  • All rider levels who want to commute to work by bicycle.
  • Beginner road cyclists that find dropbars too aggressive.
  • Riders looking for a Fitness bike
Cyclocross & Gravel Bikes

Cyclocross & Gravel Bikes

  • More upright riding position improves comfort and control over the bike 
  • Wider tyres add comfort and grip
  • Disc brakes provide dependable braking power in all conditions 
  • Great commuter bike
  • Great adventure bike
  • Most durable
  • Slightly heavier
  • Specific wheel hubs, not compatible with traditional road wheels
  • Commuter that wants the added grip of wider tyres and disc brakes.
  • Road cyclist who wants to add a bit of adventure to his or her riding.
  • Cyclocross riders looking for a CX racing bike.


Latest Road Bikes Reviews
2016 Polygon Bend RV - Gravel/Cyclocross Disc Bike - Medium 52cm

2016 Polygon Bend RV - Gravel/Cyclocross Disc Bike - Medium 52cm

By: on 7 July 2016
This is the first bike I've purchased for a few years, after researching a few bikes on the market, I couldn't move past BOL. I was hesitant at the start but the communication was great and they were always available to answer questions. When I received bend RV it was more that I expected a great bike. The specs are awesome and the quality of this bike is great. I'm one happy rider!!

2016 Polygon Helios C5.0 - Shimano 105 11 Speed Road Bike

2016 Polygon Helios C5.0 - Shimano 105 11 Speed Road Bike

By: on 6 July 2016
I bought this bike from Manly shop 3 weeks ago and took it for a ride last Sunday for the first time. After almost 800 meters, a chain link came loose and the bike got stuck and I had to carry it back home. I emailed the sales department and they finally sent me a new chain and offered to pay 30 dollar for the labour cost. Considering the damage their poor quality bike has made and the trouble I have gone through, I consider their offer insufficient and bad customer Service. I now need to stay at home for the delivery of the chain which is through a cheap company that doesnt work with Australian Post,carry the bike to a shop near by ( the nearest one is 5ks away) and never ride the bike again with the rest of mind . To be honest, I feel I have paid 1099 for a bike that I am not sure if I can take out on a road with friends. I feel like I should have gone for a better brand.

Polygon Helios C8X - Carbon Road Bike Shimano Ultegra Di2 22 Speed - Medium 53cm

Polygon Helios C8X - Carbon Road Bike Shimano Ultegra Di2 22 Speed - Medium 53cm

By: on 2 June 2016
This is my first carbon bike. The price was right. I've done about 500km since I got it, only a week end rider. This bike is great to ride smooth and comfortable. Highly recommend it and love the black. With pedals - pump - tool kit - lights it's just over 8 kg.

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