Commercial Sales

Bicycles Online is a Proven Commercial Partner

We pride ourselves on our ability to import products efficiently. It's this capability that has provided much of the success for Bicycles Online and, its this capability that we can share with our partners. As a wholesaler, we have worked with a number of high profile Australian and international companies to supply the latest in bicycles and bicycle-related products for retail or for use in promotional activities. Some of these customers include:


Brands Comercial Sales

Market Knowledge

With our own retail channel, we understand what the current trends are, and can assist with product development and testing. 

We source from factories based all over Asia. With relationships built over years, we understand the best factories to use for specific products - whether its bikes or accessories. We have quality control managers in market, that can ensure the product is delivered as expected.

Our specialist knowledge also extends to understanding logistics, import tariffs, regulatory requirements as well as finance and minimum order quantities. 


Warranty  and Customer Service

Our service doesn't just stop once the product arrives. We back up our promises with the ability to offer customer service, warranty and servicing nationwide. 



Need help getting the product to the end user or business? We have world-class warehousing combined with some of the best freight rates in the industry. All of this can be leveraged to provide a complete cost-effective service. 


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For more information on how we can help your company with its commercial requirements, please give us a call on 02 8599 2209 or send us an email at