Drop bar road bikes, feature the “ram horn” type of handle bar, which allows the rider to adopt a number of different positions where you can place your hands during long rides. On modern dropbar road bikes the gear mechanism is integrated into the brake lever both for ergonomics and aerodynamics. 

Entry level road bikes feature alloy frames with a carbon fibre front fork and simple mechanical gear shifters. More advanced road bikes often feature full carbon fibre frames and forks with an option of electronic gear shifters such as Shimano Di2. A carbon fibre fork and frame is lighter than alloy and provides a more comfortable ride as it helps to better dampen the vibrations of the road than alloy. Carbon is also very stiff meaning that a rider can attain greater power transfer and pedaling efficiency as less power is absorbed by any flex in the frame and transferred directly through to the crank and wheels.  

Broadly speaking drop bar road bikes have subcategories including endurance bikes, which are favoured for their more comfortable upright riding position, as well as racing or competition bikes which are feature more aggressive riding positions. Some are also designed with specific aerodynamic characteristics. 

Polygon drop bar road bikes are one of only a small number of global brands to receive approval from the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Approval by the UCI certifies that Polygon road bike frames meet the requirements needed to compete in international competitive cycling events. Polygon road bikes come equipped with the latest technology from some of the biggest brands in cycling such as Shimano, Ritchey, Mavic and Schwalbe.

There is a large range of frame geometries available from Polygon depending on the type of road cycling, whether it be criteriums, commuting, touring or racing.