A hardtail is a mountain bike with a solid frame and usually comes with a suspension fork on the front. Similar yet different from a hardtail is a full suspension model, whose frame consists of two triangles joined by pivots. Depending on your overall style and wishes, a hardtail can be a great choice, and you can find a great one at Bicycles Online. 


The Factsheet

Hardtail bikes are the most simple mountain bike design. Shock absorbing suspension only exists in the front, while their rear end is fixed. They are generally light and simple, with no pivots, additional mounts and rear shocks; thus their simple build will ensure that not many things can go wrong with them. What does it mean for you as a rider? You are likely to spend less time on maintenance and repair of your hardtail bike, and get to enjoy more time riding. 


Light Mountain Bike 

If you’d rather have a light mountain bike, a hardtail is your best bet. Bikes with rear shock systems have an additional weight that a hardtail is lacking. A light bike will be ideal if you’re not only cruising the hills but racing as well – a hardtail is also efficient when pedaling no power loss at every stroke!  Not having a rear shock system comes with another advantage: a hardtail bike is relatively cheap because there are no extra costs of a pivoting rear end and a rear shock. Here at Bicycles Online, all mountain hardtail bikes are made from alloy, which makes them less susceptible to stress that can be caused by the bumpy terrain. 


Climbing & Downhill Riding with a Hardtail 

When going up, hardtail bikes transfer pedaling pedaling power to the rear wheel more efficiently. On smoother surfaces, this means you’ll ultimately achieve better acceleration and sustain higher speeds over a long time. However, when the surface turns technical, this might pose a problem, as rear wheel will overcome obstacles easier with a rear suspension. When riding downhill, a hardtail is not the best bike, but it can handle bumpy downhill trails nevertheless. The suspension ends up being your legs, which will make you tired faster. Some seasoned riders vote for hardtail because they believe downhill riding on one can make you a better cyclist in the long run! 



As we mentioned already, a hardtail requires less maintenance. If you opt for a hardtail bike, you won’t need to think about the periodic servicing of pivots and linkages, nor new seals on a rear shock! If you enjoy the simple life in all aspects and don’t want to spend too much time and money on regular maintenance of your mountain bike, a hardtail is a good choice. 


Best Use of a Hardtail Bike 

If you plan on riding on the road and hit easy trails at times, a hardtail is a great choice that will serve you for many hours and many miles. Bumpy trails, on the other hand, will be less comfortable with such a bike, because you will literally feel everything without a cushy rear suspension. If you opt for a hardtail, it might be best to choose rides with flowy trails, good uphills, and fast pace, instead of jumps and drops, you will have to plan your rides well in advance. If that works for you, a hardtail will be a valuable companion. 


Get a Perfect Hardtail Bike at Bicycles Online 

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