Are you an adventurous spirit looking to buy a new bike that will let you explore off-road paths out in the hills or woods? If you are looking for a mountain bike designed to withstand harsh terrain then you should consider a dual suspension bike. Which one will it be? At Bicycles Online, we offer dual suspension (also known as full suspension) mountain bikes that come with a suspension on both the rear of the frame and the fork. These bikes are right on beasty types, so read on to see whether they are the obvious choice for you.


Dual Suspension – The Factsheet

Dual suspension bikes have both a shock absorbing front and rear system. This means they will be more comfortable to ride in bumpy terrains, and that’s one of the ideas for riding in those conditions in the first place! These bikes also tend to have slacker geometries, and they are generally built for steep and more technical trails. A dual suspension will help the wheels grip the trail better and roll smoother, but also help you navigate the bicycle better. Once the rocks and roots aren’t kicking you around, it’s easier to handle the bike.



An additional suspension in the back, that’s lacking from other types of mountain bikes, means that dual suspension bike will be heavier. Modern manufacturers of full suspension bikes usually compensate with lighter materials such as carbon fibre; however, bear in mind that this is likely to add to the cost of the bike. If you feel that a light bike is crucial for your riding experience, maybe try avoiding a dual suspension mountain bike altogether.



Pivoting rear end and a rear shock in a dual suspension bike is going to cost extra money. However, if this bike is the right fit for you, rest assured that here at Bicycles Online we offer competitive prices, as we contact manufacturers directly and can skip costs imposed by agents, sellers and other parties.



Naturally, this is the king of mountain bikes when it comes to comfort. With full suspension at work absorbing hard hits, your body won’t be pounded as it would be on another type of bike. This is especially important if you plan on doing long rides: you will finish feeling less beat up than you normally would with a different bike without dual suspension.



Going downhill? A full-suspension bike will make you the fastest rider around, thanks to its combination of extra traction and hit-absorption. Going up, however, dual suspension bikes can feel more sluggish than bikes with the fixed rear but thanks to the rear lockout, on most dual suspension bikes, pedalling efficiency can be achieved much like a hardtail bike. Be prepared to pedal a bit harder up the hill with a dual suspension mountain bike, this will, however, be rewarded going back downhill.


Get a Dual Suspension Bike at Bicycles Online

Here at Bicycles Online, we are devoted to making your shopping experience the most positive one, as it will lead to many more positive hours on the road or off-road, wherever you choose to ride! Our team at the online store consists of cycling enthusiasts ready to help you with any doubts you might have. We have the most extensive range of dual suspension mountain bikes and make sure that they are of the finest quality. We only stock models from leading industry manufacturers, such as Marin and Polygon.

Our bikes and biking equipment are first-grade and suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. Our selection of dual suspension mountain bikes come with different features such as wheel sizes, groupsets, and suspension travel ranges, all made to provide the utmost comfort on different types of terrains and make your ride the most pleasant possible.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us, and some of our staff will be happy to help you find the right bike for your best riding experience. We offer Australia Wide Fast Delivery, as well as a 14-day bike returns, to make sure you and your bike are a match made in heaven!