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Polygon Bend RV - Gravel / Cyclocross Disc Bike

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Polygon Bend RIV - Touring Disc Road Bike

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Gravel Bikes

The idea of taking your road bike off road, has really taken off in the last few years in Australia. A new bike has come up to meet this unique demand - the Gravel Bike. Modern cyclocross bikes tend to be super aggressive in geometry, focusing solely on speed, in detriment of comfort. Gravel bikes however, are an endurance style of Cyclocross bike, built with comfort and confident control in mind. More sensible geometries are used, more upright riding position, taller headtube and wider tyre clearance puts you in control regardless of what terrain you choose to ride.

Due to it’s robust nature and performance, Gravel bikes are becoming very popular among the commuter community. The road bike style riding makes the bike fast and efficient on the roads as well as off road. Wider tyres along with the addition of disc brakes, gives superior traction and braking power in a variety of terrains.



Cyclocross bicycles generally resemble road racing bicycles. However, Cyclocross specific frames differ with their wider tire clearances, knobby tires, lower gearing, and more aggressive geometry. Focusing on delivering maximum performance and bombproof durability. 

Cyclocross bike are designed specifically for cyclocross racing, which usually consist of many laps over a short course. A great variety of terrains are seen, from roads to paths with short steep climbs, off camber sections, lots of corners and, a defining feature, sections where the rider may need, or would be best advised to dismount and run while carrying the bike.