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Which Path & Pavement Bike should I buy?


Path and Pavement bikes are urban bikes that are designed with a greater focus on comfort and style rather than outright speed or durability. The bikes are designed to look good, whilst being easy and comfortable to ride. They prefer conveniences like kick stands, carbon belt drives, and pannier racks rather than the weight savings by not including such additions.

There are a number of different categories including the popular hybrid bike. Hybrid bikes make use of road bike size wheels for increased speed, combined with the durability of a mountain bike frame and components. Using slightly larger tyres combined with a short travel fork, the bike is more comfortable than a regular flat bar road bike. Vintage, Ladies or City bikes allow the rider to be more upright than a conventional bike, and often feature balloon tyres, baskets, fenders and a step through frame for easy dismounting.

Lastly the urban commuter bikes are designed to be efficient, low maintenance and able to withstand the any punishment the urban jungle might throw at it, whether it be pot holes, gutters or crowded bike racks.


Compare Path & Pavement Bikes

City Bike with Solid Fork

Urban Bike with Solid Fork

  • Great all rounder. 
  • Lightweight durable alloy frame
  • Tyres are wider which increases stability and comfort
  • Disc brakes give great stopping power
  • Plenty of gears for all uphills
  • Comfortable seating position
  • Lighter than a mountain bike


  • Slightly heavier than an endurance or flat bar road bike
  • A commuter that will ride on roads, bike lanes and pavements
  • Fast and reliable bike to commute up to 30km
  • Lightweight bike to carry over steps, into garages and storage lockers
City Bike with Front Suspension

Hybrid Bike with Front Suspension  

  • Lighweight durable alloy frame
  • Front suspension adds comfort to the bike and allows it to be ridden on light off road trails
  • Tyres are wider which increases stability and comfort
  • Disc brakes give great stopping power
  •  Plenty of gears for all uphills
  • Comfortable seating position
  • Front suspension adds weight to the bike
  • Not as fast as a Road Bike or a City Bike with Solid Forks
  • Commuter that will occasionally take the bike to dirt roads and fire trails 
  • Sturdy bike to go up and down curbs and a few steps
  • Want the extra comfort of a front suspension
  • Reliable bike to commute up to 30km
Folding Bikes

Folding Bikes

  • Foldable frame takes little space in a garage, car trunk or caravan
  • 20 seconds to fold/unfold the bike
  • Perfect to carry on the bus or train and ride in the city
  • Adjustable seatpost and handlebar match any rider's height
  • Rear rack to carry a bag or purse
  • Small wheels and bike shape not ideal to cover long distances
  • Riders with limited storage capacities 
  • Commuters that take the train or/and bus
  • Caravanist that want a small bike to carry around
Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser Bikes 

  • Perfect bike to cruise around town, beach or back country
  • Upright riding position
  • Alloy frame won't rust
  • Thick tyres add comfort
  • Low maintanence gears and brakes
  • Not ideal as a commuter bike
  • Limited number of gears can make steep uphills hard
  • Limited choice of frame sizes
  • Cruising up and down the beach or down to the cafe
  • Relaxed riding
  • Short to medium duration rides (less than 2 hours)
  • Riders looking for a low maintenence bike
Electric bikes

Electric Bikes

  • Electric motor makes it easier to climb hills and ride around
  • Shorter travel time
  • Lightweight electric bike meaning you can still pedal if battery runs out
  • Upright riding position
  • Electric motor with limited range (25 to 50km)
  • Heavier than a "normal" bike
  • Commuter wanting the extra help of the electric motor to ride to work and not get sweaty in the process.
Tandem bikes

Tandem Bikes

  • Fun for 2 on one bike
  • Allows for a person who doesn't know or can't ride a bike to enjoy the full cycling experience in a safe way
  • Alloy frame keeps the bike light
  • Plenty of adjustment to shorter and taller riders
  • Long wheelbase makes manouvering in tight spaces hard
  • Need to remove both wheels to transport in a car
  • People who would like to ride together on the same bike.
  • People who would like to ride with a companion who may have a disability and unable to ride their own bike.


Latest Path & Pavement Bikes Reviews
Polygon Sierra Lite 24 inch Girls City Bike

Polygon Sierra Lite 24 inch Girls City Bike

By: on 28 April 2016
very good bike with all extras and good delivery time equals one happy grandaughter

2016 Polygon Path i8 Disc - Carbon Belt Drive City Commuter Bike - Medium 50cm

2016 Polygon Path i8 Disc - Carbon Belt Drive City Commuter Bike - Medium 50cm

By: on 21 April 2016
Searched on line until coming across this bicycle. Investigated the components, brakes and gears finding they were good quality. The package significantly less expensive compared to popular names such as Giant whose componentry in the $1000 - $2000 price range was of a lesser quality or less sophisticated. Very few companies offer the respected belt drive system. I ordered mudguards, a light set, a pannier frame/ bag and bicycle lock. The mudguards were too small for the tyres so much adjustment required. The light set is bright enough but the rubber strap fixing method won't last and would be easily stolen. The bicycle lock was delayed due to a warehouse relocation but is top quality albeit heavy. Simple to assemble but noticed the goose neck is not exactly in line with the front wheel. Cam lock on the front wheel doesn't feel secure as the type I remember from my cycle racing experience years ago. First ride was disappointing with gear slippage in low range from the Gates Carbon Drive Shimano Nexus Hub. Second ride was better where the comfort and quite operation of the belt drive system, relaxed riding position and cushion tyres made for a very pleasant cycling experience. Found a web site explaining simple adjustments on the Nexus Hub to prevent slipping but yet to retest. My overall impression is favourable. The bicycle is beautifully finished with quality components , glides rather than rides and should provide years of reliable service. are customer focussed and did their best to overcome confusion as to when it would arrive . My big disappointment was less than accurate partial assembly and slipping gears. It's probable the transporting disturbed the gear setting in which case an instruction sheet should be included so we don't have to search the internet or take it to a shop. This is a top product but the 'devil is in the detail' so the Company just needs to overcome delays in product supply and tighten up its pre-delivery mechanical inspection. I intend to cover thousands of kilometres and looking forward to that.

2016 Polygon Path i8 Disc - Carbon Belt Drive City Commuter Bike - Large 53cm

2016 Polygon Path i8 Disc - Carbon Belt Drive City Commuter Bike - Large 53cm

By: on 13 April 2016
I bought this bike about 8 weeks ago I guess. So far its been really great. It's light and fast, I use it mainly on the cycle paths around narrabeen and Dee Why as well as riding it to the gym in Mona vale and Dee Why. I liked it because it had a belt drive , Hydraulic brakes and good tyre width for the usage it thought it would get. The Path i9 felt about the same weight and had mud guards but I'm never that far from home. Overall I'm very happy with it. On the down side....I thought the belt drive would be silent, its not. It often makes noises of sorts, sometimes a brief back pedal will fix it, sometimes not. Maybe some lube would reduce this but not sure whether this might make dirt stick to it and cause more wear. The Gates carbpn drive website says to use a dry silicon spray but might wait to see what they say in the first free service that's probably overdue now. Might be a tensioning thing, as its more sensitive to that apparently. Brakes are good but not great compared to my Norco with Juicy brakes. I like the hub gears also, it has 8 gears which is enough for me, when I've had 24 gears in the past I never used them all and the simplicity of use means I adjust gears more rather than just pushing through an incline. Being able to go from 8th gear to 1st or 2nd while waiting for a light to change is quite handy and the gears are well spaced. 1st gear isnt a granny gear in my opinion but low enough for the cycling I do and I rarely need that gear. Overall I'm very happy with it and it looks cool though maybe a red belt drive would look better than the Blue/Black one it came with. I'd give it 5 stars if it wearn't for the noise of the belt on regular occasions.

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