SR Suntour XCM/XCT Speed lockout lever

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Original and authentic SR/Suntour lockout lever. Blue resin. Fits most SR Suntour XCT and XCM forks from 2015 on and some earlier versions.  This item may look cosmetically different than the one that came on your fork, this is the new 2016 version of the lever.  


  • SF15 XCT, XCM & NVX
  • SF16 XCT, XCM & NVX
  • SF17 XCT, XCM, NVX, NEX, XCM32 650B+

Lever only.  Please verify that you have all other pieces including the splined allen cog piece.  If you don't see your fork listed or have any questions, please call or email for compatibility.  

Product code FEG 256

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