Velosure - Bicycle Insurance for Bike Riders


Bicycles Online has teamed up with Velosure to put your mind at ease and make sure you are covered for whatever might happen to your beloved bicycle. Theft, Crash, Racing or Damage in Transit, We got you covered.


Who is Velosure?

Velosure was founded in 2007 and provides a range of insurance products exclusively for cyclists. Velosure covers your bike against theft and accidental damage while riding, commuting, training and racing.

Although Velosure insures all types of bikes up to $30 000, your bike doesn’t have to be expensive to be worth protecting. Many of our customers simply love their bike and want the peace of mind that comes from knowing it is covered.

Velosure's bicycle insurance stands alone and is not tied to a house and contents policy. Even if you do have house and contents insurance, very few of these cover bikes while they are in use or away from home. Velosure knows bikes are made to be ridden, and that’s why they provide cover for when you need it most.

As well as insuring bikes, Velosure also provide cover for cyclists. That is why they offer separate Cyclists Liability Cover that insures you for up to $20 000 000 against damage that you may cause to another person’s property or injury you cause to someone else.

Velosure also offers travel insurance for cyclists travelling and competing overseas. Again, standard travel insurance often does not cover participation in sporting events, that is why they offer a Cyclists Travel Insurance policy.  

Bicycles' Online customers are now eligible for full coverage bicycle insurance free of charge in the first 30 days. If you are happy with the service, you'll be happy to know our customers enjoy a special discounted price.


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