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Polygon is a global brand with over 20 years experience building bikes for not only the Polygon brand but also some of the worlds top North American and European brands. Polygon is sold exclusively online in Australia. This means cheaper prices for you.

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 Strong Positive Feedback from Industry Reviews


Polygon Collosus DH9 Review


Polygon Helios A9X Review

“Polygon have put together a quick and playful DH sled,
one whose parts kit and price are sure to have more than
a few riders adding it to their wish list.”

“The Helios A9X is a high-end bike with a mid-level price.
Polygon has exploited all of its manufacturing experience to
produce a well-tuned race bike.”

- Pink Bike   - Cycling Tips



Polygon Helios C8X Disc   Siskiu D8

Overall, this is a great value bike for those wanting a 
Di2 equipped all day bike that won’t offend you 
with its looks or manners.”

“For the asking price it’s pretty much unbeatable.
For a proper mountain bike on a budget, this is one you
definitely need to check out.”
- Bicycling Australia


  - Mountain Biking Australia




 Trusted by Top Global Cycling Athletes


Kurt Sorge - Polygon Rider


Sam Reynolds - Polygon Rider


Andrew Neethling - Polygon Rider


1st place Red Bull Rampage ‘15
1st place Red Bull Rampage ‘12
3rd place Chatel Mountain Style ’11



Best Trick Redbull Rampage'15
1st Whitestyle ‘14
2nd Vienna Air King ‘14



1st African Continental DH Champ ‘14 
3rd Norway World Cup ’13
12th World Cup overall ‘13



Michael Hannah - Polygon Rider


Tracey Hannah - Polygon Rider


Fabien Cousine - Polygon Rider


6th Australian National Championships '15
2nd Pietermaritzburg ‘14
6th Australian National Championships '14



1st Australian National Championships '15
3rd World Championships '15
2nd Vienna Air King ‘14



1st African Continental DH Champ ‘14 
3rd Norway World Cup ’13
12th World Cup overall ‘13




 Designed Globally

Polygon bikes are meticulously designed by a team of engineers, industrial designers and creative thinkers based in North America, Europe and Asia who have also worked in leading product development roles for other global brands such as Trek, Specialised and Marin.


Designed Globally - Polygon Bikes

"Polygon is a serious contender for the ‘most-improved’ award in the industry.”

- Flow Mountain Bike




 Free 14 Day Test ride on all Bikes

Bicycles Online is so confident that you’ll love the extensive range of Polygon bikes, that you can ride one as your own for a full 14 days once delivered. If you don’t like it, they’ll offer you a full refund and pick it up from you, free of charge! Just make sure you keep the box so it can be re-used to send it back. Please check the Terms & Conditions for all the details. 


Free 14 Day Test Ride - Bicycles online



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