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Apart from being able to conquer the miles you’re after in any terrain close to your heart’s desire, you should always strive to do that in a way that’s comfortable and safe. Wearing right cycling apparel has the aim of providing precisely that: the material and cut of the garments will enhance your ride in a way no other clothes can.  Browse through our selection of cycling apparel and find the best pieces for your rides!


Bicycle Helmet

A helmet is not a universal part of bicycle attire, but it’s mandated here in Australia. This piece of equipment is supposed to lessen the impact to the head of the rider in falls. A helmet is supposed to reduce acceleration to the head due to impact; however, only newer helmets are designed with rotational accelerations in accidents in mind. These accelerations can be large enough to cause concussions, so when shopping for a helmet, see whether they adhere to additional standards besides CPSC and the EN 1078. It is also important to note that your helmet must adhere to AS/NZ 2063: 2008 certification and have the sticker inside the helmet, otherwise as far as Australian law goes, it’s like you’re not wearing a helmet at all.

When looking for a helmet for yourself, apart from it being stylish, you need the helmet to fit properly. If that’s not the case, its efficacy is significantly lower, and the risk of concussions is increased almost twofold. Helmets are not perfect, and that’s important to know because they can deteriorate with age. A helmet should be replaced at least every five years, or sooner if that says in your instruction manual. Similarly, if it has suffered a hit on a hard surface, it should be replaced sooner. Better safe than sorry!


Cycling Jersey

A cycling jersey is a specialised piece of clothing that works best in case of sport-oriented cycling. This means that it’s usually tight fit to reduce air resistance, made from a material that wicks moisture from the skin, and with a long zipper so you can allow ventilation. Pockets go on the back, as front pockets would spill the contents. Since professional cycling is sponsored, cycling jerseys usually come with logos of the sponsors and are coloured in accordance with the team or country competing.


Cycling Gloves

Gloves are a versatile piece of cycling equipment. These special gloves designed for a cyclist provide warmth, comfort and protection, but also serve other purposes. In the cold weather, they are essential, as your hands are exposed to the cold all the time. Besides, they are mostly inactive, and since they don’t have a lot of muscle mass, this contributes to their lack of keeping warm. That’s why gloves will keep them insulated from the cold and the wind. They will also increase the comfort of the stressed hands undergoing pressure against handlebars. In the case of a fall, gloves will be a great cushion, and that’s one of the primary reasons why many cyclists wear them all year round, no matter the weather. No one likes the skin of their hands peeled off! 

Another reason why gloves are necessary may sound odd to newbies, but experienced cyclists know the deal. Cycling can lead to a lot of nose running, and handling paper tissues can be difficult and time-consuming during the ride. Many modern cycling gloves have a built-in “nose wipe” on the back of the hand because cyclists have been restoring to using the backs of their gloves anyway! 

Your cycling gloves should be taken care of properly: since the sweat can make them unpleasant quickly, store them so that air can circulate inside if possible. Turn them inside-out after a wet ride; you can wash them in cold water and then dry out on the hands.


Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts, or bike shorts, chamois, knicks or spats, might be the most common piece of cycling apparel. They are short, skin-tight legwear that improves comfort and efficiency in the ride. They have a whole range of purposes: they reduce wind resistance and thus increase aerodynamic efficiency: they provide support to the genitals; prevent chafing and rashes caused by the sweat; protect the skin against the friction; and also compress the legs, which helps combat muscular fatigue. 

Shorts nowadays are made of spandex and designed in different shapes and styles. Hems are often lined with elastic and/or silicone that clings tightly to the skin, keeping the shorts in a fixed position. It’s also common to have the shorts made from several cuts of different fabric for a better fit. These shorts are more expensive but definitely more beneficial to the rider.


Cycling Shoes

Since your legs are doing most of the work, it’s important to wear shoes that are purpose-built for cycling. You can find different designs on the market, depending on the type of the cycling they are intended for, as well as the intensity. Things to consider when buying cycling shoes are their rigidity, weight, and pedal systems that attach the shoe to the pedal. Modern shoes usually work with clipless pedal systems that connect the shoe to the pedal like a ski binding system: this is to achieve maximal efficiency of transferring power from your feet to the bike. There are two styles of clipless pedals: road and MTB, so take this into account when choosing. An older system is the toe-clip and toe strap, but since these have to be adjusted by hands, they are not widely used anymore. 

When it comes to the material for the soles, you get to choose. A plastic sole is inexpensive but heavy and prone to flexing. For a bit more money you can get a combination of plastic and carbon, plastic and fibreglass, or an all carbon sole. Carbon fibre soles will be the lightest, but also the most expensive. Another thing that you need to consider is the exact type of cycling you will be doing, as cycling shoes come in many variants: winter, touring, off-road or mountain biking, road racing, indoor cycling...


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