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E-Bike Buyers Guides

Author: Darren Mallard  

To help you make the right decision when choosing your next electric bike, we have put this article together.

E-Bikes take what is amazing about cycling around town, through the mountains and daily commuting and enhance it. Thanks to the assistance provided by an electric motor, you can now go further, faster and enjoy every ride more thanks to our E-Bikes.


Electric Bikes


Electric Bikes’ (also known as eBikes) are increasing worldwide at a staggering speed as people just like you realise exactly how practical these bikes really are. Commuting, the weekly shopping or exploring further on your rides, E-Bikes make it easy. Designed around enhancing all the experiences and feelings riding a bike can provide, it is no surprise that E-Bikes are the fastest-growing cycling segment in the world. 

What Is An eBike and Why You Need One

E-Bikes differ from electric motorcycles and scooters in that they don’t have a throttle. Instead of using an electric motor, they assist you as you pedal. Operating as a normal bike except as you pedal, you receive assistance up to 300% of your own power. Resulting in riders riding further up steep hills with ease and commuting around town is a breeze with an E-Bike.

Electric Bike Types

The market is somewhat divided between Pedal Assist Bikes (Pedelec) and Power on Demand (Throttled) Bikes, with the latter requiring registration and insurance if their power output is above 200 watts. Pedelec E-Bikes are therefore gaining ground next to consumers seeking a practical and speedy option to commute, cruise around town or even extend their normal cycling rides. It’s important to understand that even though these Electric Push Bikes are heavier and more expensive than your normal pushbike, most customers agree the electric pedalling assistance makes you want to cycle more regularly.

The Benefits Of E-Bikes For Different Riders


1. The Commuter

Commuting on an E-Bike makes the ride to and from work or to the shops extraordinarily easy. Thanks to requiring less effort you will no longer arrive sweaty and require a shower. The ride home is often dreaded after a hard day at the desk or in the workshop, an E-Bike allows you to cruise home with much less effort after a big day.

Packing books, computers and a change of clothes can really weigh down a bike in no time. With assistance from the motor, even with the extra weight, the bike feels like it has nothing but a rider on it. Many riders who once used their cars for small trips have swapped the steering wheel for handlebars thanks to E-Bikes and their efficiency.


2. The Mountain Biker

Riding bikes uphill in order to go back down is a massive chore to some. Grinding up hills slowly can be mundane and unenjoyable on some bigger travel bikes it is inescapable. E-Bikes transform big-hitting bikes into spritely mountain goats on the ups. Climbing now takes skill and attention as you are hitting corners, roots and rocks much faster. While it may seem lazy, this new way of climbing requires more physical effort from your entire body and provides a new challenge. For those who want to cruise up and enjoy the downs, that is perfectly fine as well.



3. The Time Poor

E-Bikes are like a gift from above for those who have minimal time to get out on the bike. An hour of power used to mean a quick 10-15km loop in the morning before or after work when you could squeeze in time. With an E-Bike you can now smash out 15-20kms in the same time frame. Perfect those with very little time to get their usual ride plus more into the hour they have.

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4. Ride like a Pro

Sometimes the scariest thing for beginner riders is to be left behind on a ride. Whether it is father and son, wife and husband or two mates with different abilities, E-Bikes level the playing field. Slower riders on E-Bikes can now keep up with their faster-riding partners on the standard bike. E-bikes allow people to ride together and increase the enjoyment for all parties.

On the flip side, it can be good training for the fitter riders as they try to keep up with their riding partners. Climbing behind an E-Bike can push you to ride harder and pace yourself behind them if you are chasing new personal best. The riders who would never ride with you before are now your best training partners.



Choosing the best eBike

Not sure which one is more suitable for your daily requirements? Don’t worry - the Bikes Online team is at your disposal to advise you and help you make the best possible decision. We are happy to discuss the details, and after hearing about your riding experiences and wishes, we will recommend the best electric bike from our store that we believe will exceed your expectations.

When looking into the most optimal options for you, we also consider the type of motor that comes with a specific model of an electric bike. These bikes usually come with one of two types of motors, Hub motor or Crank motor, both offering similar performance and range.

  • Crank or mid-drive offer more torque but ultimately offer a more intuitive or natural-feeling ride. This is because the power is delivered based on how much pedalling power you put through the pedals. This means you have more control over the power assistance but you can’t just spin the pedals lightly and rely solely on the electric motor to push you along.
  • Hub motors are a bit more simple and offer consistent power. This is because these motors use magnets on the cranks to turn on or off the electric assistance, meaning you could just select a low gear and turn the pedals with virtually no effort, relying on the electric motor to carry you. This may offer a more jerky ride as the magnet sensor may take a second to kick but a hub motor is a great option for commuters who want to just get to a to b with minimal effort due to the consistent power level.


Battery Range

Electric bike technology is advancing faster than ever before. Battery capacities are increasing while the physical dimensions are reducing. Batteries are like the fuel tank for your car, and the capacity is measured in Watt Hours (Wh). The larger the Wh number, the more power the battery can provide to the motor.

Motors are available in different sizes that provide various power and torque numbers. Most motors are restricted to 250W, but they can vary from 60-85nm of torque. The more torque the motor has, the easier it will climb up steep hills and accelerate quickly. The more torque and power the motor has, the more power it will draw from the battery. 
Terrain will play a significant role in how far your E-Bike can travel on a single charge. Softer surfaces like gravel, sand and loam require more input from your motor to pedal at your desired speed and drain the battery faster. Steeper hills and inclines will need more torque to climb and drain the battery faster. Conversely, declines and smoother terrain will increase the range you achieve from one battery charge.
Bosch has created a handy calculator that provides a pretty good idea of range based on specific parameters. These variables are input by you as the rider. Although developed by Bosch, it’s equally helpful in predicting the range of our Shimano Steps powered E-Bikes too.
If you have a Shimano-powered E-Bike, simply select Bosch’s ‘Active Plus’ drive for Shimano E6000 touring E-Bikes and ‘Performance CX’ for Shimano’s EP8 eMTB motor.

Check out the calculator here. 

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Note that the electric bike laws in Australia require you to oblige by the cycling rules, which include wearing a helmet, having a bell, front, rear brakes, etc. But don’t worry - we stock up on a variety of bicycle accessories so, in addition to the electric bike, you can get parts you need in our online shop, too!