Polygon Recon 4.0 - Flow MTB Review

Flow Mountain Bike Magazine recently had the opportunity to jump on and ride the new Polygon Recon 4.0 for a few weeks and put it through its paces on some of Sydney's favourite XC mountain bike trails. 

So how did the Polygon Recon 4.0 compare against the big brand 27.5" dualies the guys at Flow Mountain Bike have recently been reviewing atoo?  

They concluded the review like this:

"Truly exceptional value. The Polygon is a really good bike, especially at $1400. It’s surprisingly comfortable and agile, reasonably light, with a component spec that places emphasis on reliability. Upgrading the tyres and rear derailleur down the line are ways to sweeten an already great package, but even completely stock, this bike will keep a new mountain biker stoked for a many, many rides."

Check the full review here

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