Polygon Helios A9X - Cycling Tips Review

Cyclingtips.com.au have recently completed a review on Polygon's top of the line carbon aero road bike - the Helios A9X.

Reviewer Matt Wikstrom awarded the bike an 8.8 out of 10 which says a lot about the quality of bike Polygon is manufacturing these days. Matt writes:

"I clearly remember Giant’s rise in the marketplace during the late-90s. Back then the brand lacked cachet but none could deny its value. Where other brands resorted to generic parts, Giant insisted on established names, which provided a custom feel to each build. In short, Giant was offering bikes with the kind of parts buyers wanted. Half a generation later, Polygon is adopting the same strategy and is offering extraordinary value with its bikes.

Consumers may be well informed and very discerning, but none can resist the temptation of a bargain price, even when there is a worry over quality. There is no need to worry about the Helios A9X though — Polygon has created an excellent race-tuned chassis that suits the high-end build. For those buyers that are happy to forego the esteem offered by an established brand, they will get to own the kind of bike they never thought they could afford, or having budgeted for more, will be able to indulge in a set of race wheels, a power meter, or a summer training camp."

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13 June 2017
Had my A9X for 2 yrs now , Good bike , Good value with top components. Stiff frame, could be more aero I feel . The rear forks , bars and seat post could be more aero , but it's a fast as any high end bike .

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