Polygon Collosus N9 2016 - Flow Mountain Bike Review

If the trails you ride are unpredictable, then it’s nice to have a bike that gives you a little bit of margin for error. And let us tell you, trails don’t really get any more unpredictable than the mountainside in Indonesia where we recently put the Collosus N9 to the test. (Read about the ride here!) Over a three hour descent, we flew down high-speed ridge lines, dodged chickens and motorbikes as we slalomed through villages, slid sideways in rubber plantations and hammered perfect berms and jumps on some the area’s best purpose-built singletrack. It was the mountain bike equivalent of SAS training – everything was thrown at us.

Collosus N9

The N9 is pitched as Polygon’s Enduro machine, and it has performed admirably on the Enduro World Series under the UR Team, so a three-hour descent with new challenges around every corner was the ideal way to get re-acquanted with the N9. We say re-acquainted because we’ve ridden the N9 before (read our review here) but the bike has been given a freshen up since, including a tangerine paint job that we dig: a bike with frame shapes this wild is always going to attract attention, so embrace it!

Polygon N9

Travel is 160mm at both ends, and the rear suspension layout is a variant of the FS03 system found throughout the Polygon dual-suspension range (excluding the Siskiu –reviewed here). A FOX Float X shock right is sandwiched right in the centre of the frame (no water bottle, sorry), compressed between a stout lower link that curves over the bottom bracket, and short upper link that also has very wide bearing placement and is driven by the dramatic, long, sweeping seat stay. The challenge of this particular design is maintaining rear-end stiffness, hence the huge pivot axles found on the upper and lower links to try and remove unwanted wavering.

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Collosus N9

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