Topeak PanoBike App (free)

For iPhone 4S/5/5s/5c/6/6+ with iOS 7 or above
For HTC One M7/M8/Max, HTC Butterfly/ Butterfly S, Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE/ S3/ S4/ S5/ Note 3 and Sony Z/ Z1/ Z2 with Android OS 4.3 or above

The ultimate cycling performance app that transforms your smartphone’s powerful Bluetooth® Smart capabilities into a bike computer, personal trainer and health management device. Combine the functions of phone, cycle computer, GPS, music player, camera, and heart rate monitor (requires optional PanoBike Heart Rate Monitor) into one program to get the most of your bike ride.

PanoBike App

Key Features:

Support for iOS 7 and Android 4.3. 

Trip information :
• GPS Speed : Current speed, Average speed, Maximum speed 
• Distance : Overall and Trip Distance
• Time : Ride time (automatic pause and resume)
• Grade
• Altitude
• Calories burned
• Cadence and Wheel Speed information (requires optional PanoBike Cadence and Speed Sensor)
• Heart Rate (requires optional PanoBike Heart Rate Monitor)
• Pre-set Maximum Heart Rate and Cadence alarms

Camera & Video :
Enable your smartphone camera and video cam function in this app 

• GPS mapping to track route in real time
• Enable satellite map view
• Enable compass on weak or no GPS signal 

Listen to music without switching to a different music player app

Auto-pause music when making/receiving calls 

• Display ride/workout history with Total Distance, Avg Speed, Max Speed, Avg Cadence, Total Ride Time, and Total Calories Burned 
• Analyze workout with Heart Rate, Altitude, and Speed charts 
• Display ride route and trace routes ridden via map view 
• Display photos taken during your ride 
• Share ride details with friends on Facebook

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Edit output page

29 January 2017
I have just installed a Panobike speed and cadence recorder to my tablet. However it has over recorded the number of rides I have taken How do I edit the output to show the correct number of rides? Response
<p>Hi Tony,</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>That might have happened because the PanoBike app just adds Speed and Cadence to your previous rides and marks them as "new", so the system re-exports them causing it to double on your activities. I had a similar thing happen with Garmin units.</p> <p>Have you since tried it? It shouldn't happen ever again, since every new activity you do, speed and cadence will be a part of it, so no double export should occur.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Cheers</p>

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