How To Unclip Like A Pro - Clipless Pedals

If you're just starting out with clipless pedals, or even if you've been using them for a long time, disaster can strike.

Again the guys from GCN have put a great video together, they show how to unclip from clipless pedals and give some basic tips so that you stay safe when using clipless pedals. If you're having trouble starting out, don't worry, even the best get it wrong.


Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Get into a low gear when approching a stop

2. Unclip from the pedal when slowing down before the full stop

3. Use curbs to rest you foot and stay seated whilst waiting for lights

4. Avoid looking down to the pedals when cliping-in

5. Mountain bike pedals are more commuter friendly

6. Enjoy the ride!





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