Gravel Bike vs Road Bike

Gravel grinding, adventure riding, all-road riding, whatever you want to call it, the idea of taking your road bike off road, has really taken off in the last few years in Australia. 

As more and more casual riders, enthusiasts, and off-season racers have started to push the limits of what road bikes can do in the dirt, a new bike has cropped up that is aimed to meet the unique demands of this type of riding - the Gravel Bike.

Gravel Bikes are primarily designed to be ridden on gravel and fire roads. They usually feature disc brakes, a high bottom bracket and big tire clearance. Gravel Bikes usually have more relaxed Endurance-type geometry with a taller head tube and longer wheel base for improved comfort over long distances. 


The guys at GCN have put together this great video showing what a Gravel bike can do that a Road Bike can't. They take two Gravel Bikes and a Road Bike to the test.

How fast is the Gravel Bike on the road? Due to it's wider tyres and additional treads, the Gravel Bike will present some extra resistance while riding on the road. It won't be as fast as your racing bike, but it will still perform incredibly well.

The Gravel bike really comes alive once it hit the gravel. The wider 35 to 40mm tyres will improve traction and comfort, while providing better puncture resistance. A more relaxed frame geometry leaves you less fatigued in the end of a long and bumpy ride.

This might not be the bike to replace your racing bike, but it definitely has it's own place in the market. The perfect combination of comfort and performance will definitely appeal for a large variety of riders.


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Fuchure bike riding

19 April 2016
This bike will sell like hot cakes in Australia, plenty of gravel roads, agresive car drivers. Riders can now train have fun with less cars and have a better ride .

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