Camelbak Podium 610/710ml water bottle

Camelbak has redesigned the long-running Podium bottle with a smoother shape and increased flow rate nozzle. The changes are a big improvement and make the bottle now much better than it's ever been.

The biggest difference immediately noticeable when you first use the new bottle is that it's easier to squeeze with one hand. The old bottle was quite hard to squeeze, but the changes in plastic and the elimination of the recessed top section makes it more squeezable.

The other big change is the improved Jet Valve, a unique design to the Podium bottle. It now offers a much larger flow of water, so you get a bigger mouthful more easily. The amount of water you get is easy to regulate. Comparing it to the old bottle design, it's quite a dramatic improvement. Another upshot of that updated design is that it's easier to clean, and the valve is removable as well.


No leakages is another bonus of the unique valve design. It's one-way for a start, and the twist-lock mechanism locks off the flow of water. That makes this bottle ideal if you're travelling and stashing the bottle inside your bag. A regular bottle is very likely to leak inside a bag or boot of the car, but the Podium just won't.

Visually the bottle shape has changed. It's a lot smoother and the recessed hand gripper section is gone. There are still indents around the collar to locate your fingers though. Even so, it's easier to hold in the hand, and the fact it's more squeezable makes it easier to grab; that's especially noticeable when you're riding hard and fast and you don't have much time to think about grabbing the bottle perfectly. The new bottles ar a tiny bit shorter compared to the old ones, but not so much that you'll actually notice.


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