Product Review: Shimano Saint PD-MX80 - Downhill Pedals


  • Size of the platform
  • Solid grippy pedal
  • Adjustable spikes


  • Limited Colour options
  • On the heavier side



I’ve ridden with these pedals in all types of conditions. Dry trails, slippery, wet, through streams, uphills and downhills. Rock gardens, rooty trails, service roads, jumps, drops, smooth and some steep technical riding. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or that my foot was going to slide off the pedals.
In saying that, Shimano have two different size pins you can use, the pedals come provided with the shorter ones and you can change to the longer ones – which is what I use. They feel like they hold my shoe into place better.
The pedals are on the heavier side at 500g but they are solid and sturdy.


Recommended for: Enduro, All mountain and Downhill Riders.

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