Product Review: Topeak Shock’n’Roll Shock and Tyre pump


  • Less junk to carry with you on your rides
  • Does the job well
  • Super easy and intuitive to use


  • Handle could be more comfortable
  • Glass gauge visor means you need to carry it in a backpack

Mountain bikers rejoice! The old days of having to buy a shock specific pump and a tyre pump are over. Topeak’s combo pump does it all, looks great and is super easy to use.
Ask any rider that just bought a new mountain bike and he’ll tell you of the nuisance it is for the first few times you take your brand new bike out and need to carry 2 pumps, one for your tyres in case you get a flat and another one for fine tuning your shock and fork.
Topeak’s Shock’n’Roll smart technology allows to switch between high volume and high pressure just by turning the barrel ¼ turn.
Trail side, I found the Shock’n’Roll to pump up a tyre as fast as a regular “tyre only” pump, albeit not as comfortable on your hand. Turn it to the shock position and this pump works as well as any other shock pump I’ve ever used, getting up to 250 and 300PSI without a problem.
The Topeak Shock’n’Roll pump is not aimed at all mountain bike riders but to those that want to have the option to fine tune their fork and shock performance to the trail they’re riding at the moment.
This pump comes with a frame mount adapter, same as any other regular pumps, but I will only carry it in my Camelbak riding pack due to the glass gauge visor. The handle is not the most ergonomic handle in the market but it does the job well.


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