Polygon Collosus DH9 - Flow MTB Review

Of course, this pricing is achievable because the bike is sold directly to the consumer and is delivered requiring some assembly. At this price point, that’s something we feel pretty comfortable with – we’d argue that a person buying this style of bike for this kind of money will generally have fairly sound knowledge about bike mechanics. The other downside is that this sales model makes it hard to secure a test ride before you buy, but Australian distributor Bicycles Online offer a no-questions-asked 14 day ‘test ride’ period. If you don’t like the bike after two weeks, they’ll refund your cash and pick the bike up at no cost to you.

Collosus DH9 Polygon Dual Suspension
Riding A Mountain Bike Collosus DH9 Polygon
Riding A Mountain Bike Collosus DH9 Polygon

Polygon has gone for carbon outback, with alloy up front. While they’re not going to rule out a full carbon frame in the future, for now, they feel the minimal weight savings they could achieve through a carbon front end don’t justify the increased costs, which would ultimately raise this bike’s unbelievable ticket price. Polygon also has some of the finest aluminum manufacturing facilities in the business, so we can appreciate that they’re eager to keep the construction in-house where possible. Having a lightweight carbon rear end does aid in suspension performance too, reducing the unsprung mass for more suspension sensitivity.

Collosus DH9 Polygon

The DH9 is a shining example of what can be done when a company truly listens to the input of their sponsored riders and doesn’t just teach them the marketing spiel. Polygon has created a seriously good downhill bike here, and they’ve done it at a price that no one can touch right now. If the direct to consumer model feels ok for you, then we think you’d be silly not to put the DH9 on the shortlist when you’re looking for your next downhill bike.

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