Kootenay Kid: The Kurt Sorge Interview

One of only two riders to win Rampage twice, Kurt Sorge's story is a feel-good tale for the ages. While the Nelson B.C. rider has been riding professionally for many years, the past few have presented some challenges. Multiple injuries and the loss of some major sponsorships plagued the friendly Canadian freerider and slopestyle specialist as he tried to get back on top after winning Rampage in 2012. We caught up with the always stoked Sorge to hear his thoughts on Rampage, injury and the Fest Series.

Pink Bike: By 2012 you were riding high on a wave of success...and then you got hurt. Tell us how you hurt yourself. 

Things were going well. After winning Rampage [In 2012 - ed] I continued to do a bit of everything: filming, big mountain stuff, and was still competing in slopestyle events. I had a busy year like usual and had competed at X Games and Crankworx with decent results. I was headed over to Vancouver Island for Bearclaw's event. I had my truck loaded to the brim with gear and people and had been up early from doing a run to the Vancouver airport from Whistler already and then back to Whistler and then missing a ferry. Anyways we made it to Bearclaw's and everyone that was competing at the event that year was headed to Claw's dirt jumps for a pre-event session. We made it there pretty late in the day and slapped on my pads and went to join in the session. I only had my 'slopestyle' bike at the time (xc bike) and was probably way too tired to ride but I wanted to get in some practice before we headed up to Mt. Washington for the event. These jumps are in the woods and after messing up the line the first couple times I had gone off one of the first few jumps which are in a tight spot of trees and before I knew it I was headed straight for a tree in the air. I remember laughing a bit at the situation while soaring towards the tree and then realized I wasn't going to be able to miss it. I made an effort but clipped my knee and knew right away something was wrong. It ended up being a broken tibial plateau.


Kootenay Kid: The Kurt Sorge Interview


 So....2015, you show up after two years of injury at a Rampage venue that has been more or less claimed and built up by the riders from the previous year. It seemed like you had a bit of a challenge finding a line that would work for you while not screwing up other riders hard work. How frustrating was that? 

Ya, I went into last year's event trying not worry about having to find a line between everyone's from the previous year, but that seemed more challenging than I expected. I wanted to stay away from obvious lines but it was pretty clear which top section was going to score the best. It would have been pointless to spend all that time and effort to work on a line and risk it all for a run that even if I had nailed to the best of my ability wouldn't have even been a contender. There is a fair bit of strategy for Rampage and line choice is a big part of that.


Kootenay Kid: The Kurt Sorge Interview


 How important has the Kootenays' region been to your development as a rider? 

I love the Kootenays, it has so much to offer and I feel fortunate to have grown up there. From the terrain to the wicked riding community, I couldn't have asked for anything better and I am excited to keep exploring the area and I always look forward to shuttling and sessions with all my buddies back home every chance we get.


Kootenay Kid: The Kurt Sorge Interview


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