R3act 2 Play Suspension System

How a rear suspension system is changing the way we look at suspension travel

Marin Dual Suspension MTB

Sometimes bike companies can be accused of merely trying to reinvent the wheel, purely as a marketing stunt. With their R3act 2 Play system though the claim can’t be levelled at Marin bikes who are now pushing forward the way we look at mountain bike suspension.

When you look at any of the Marin bikes which feature their R3act 2 Play system, you can’t miss it. It brings a visually striking look to the bikes that feature it. It makes them look a little industrial. They won’t be scared to take on the trails and get you back home safe and sound after some gnarly drops.


What does R3act 2 Play do?

R3act 2 Play is designed to remove the bane of every mountain biker’s life, remove pedal bob while keeping your suspension compliant. There is nothing worse than on the slog up the final climb of a long day in the saddle, and your bike bobs up and down as you press down on your pedals. Trying to get to the top for one final blast downhill before the run home.


Every extra bob is slowly sucking your strength and removing the fun from riding your bike. To help eliminate this the R3act 2 Play system is designed to isolate the suspension when you move rearwards to start pedalling.



To eliminate pedal bob and bring you a shock that can react sensitively to the terrain, the R3act 2 Play system takes a note from Newton’s Third Law. When you accelerate you bring a rearward and downward action to your bike. The slider on your Marin responds with an equal but opposite force.


The benefits of R3act 2 Play


One of the benefits of R3act 2 Play is that you won’t need to get an expensive suspension tune and can run less damping. Darrell Voss, who created the system, wanted you to save money and literally jump on your bike out of the shop and have the best performing suspension on the marketplace.

What he has done is create a system where you can ride a 180 mm travel mountain bike up a hill and not be bothered by pedal bob. You can then careen down the side of the mountain like you’re on a downhill bike. R3act 2 Play is not merely a new suspension system but a revolution in the way you can ride a bike.


Why R3act 2 Play is like owning 2 bikes

Effectively when buying a bike with the R3act 2 Play system, you’re buying 2 bikes. You're buying an XC whippet for climbing and a full on downhill sled for when you're on the fun part of the hill. You have the perfect weapon for racing Enduro.

You’ll climb easily and have all your power left for flying down the timed sections. How many times have you pushed up on an Enduro? Now, you don’t need to, and that must be a win for everyone. We haven’t even finished with the benefits yet though.



The slider means you can easily fly off drops and know that your suspension will work without a fault. Unlike other suspension systems, this is not at the expense of hitting small objects. Your wheel will move over the obstacle, tracking it perfectly, and not just hit it and compress like many other long travel suspension systems.

To put it simply you owe it to yourself to try the Marin Wolf Ridge with the R3act 2 Play system. You’ll never have had more fun on a long trail day or when racing Enduros. Bikes should all be about fun, and that is what R3act 2 Play brings to the table.


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