Polygon Siskiu D7.0 - Bike Radar Review

If you’re looking to get started on the trails without racing ambitions and know your way around an Allen key, this is a convincing, capable and rather playful option.

Polygon has quickly developed and refined its mountain bike line-up in just a matter of years, no doubt helped by the sponsoring of a world-cup gravity racing team. Replacing the Recon D4.0 for 2015, the Siskiu D7.0 offers plenty of trickle-down technology at a price that’s traditionally kept for hardtails only. It’s all made possible through the Indonesian manufacturer's continually expanding consumer-direct business model.

Featuring 120mm of suspension travel and 650b (aka 27.5in) wheels, the Siskiu is in touch with modern standards for a trail-worthy cross-country ride. The alloy linkage-driven single-pivot suspension frame design is a proven classic and provides for a respectable balance of performance, weight, and reliability – all at an astoundingly low price.

Polygon Siskiu D7.0 - Mountain Bike Dual Suspension

Ride and handling: familiar geometry, impressive ability

Geometry is something can that so quickly make or break a bike. However, within the first few pedal strokes, the Siskiu’s familiar angles made us feel right at home, providing a ride and handling that was unexpected at this price.

Polygon Siskiu D7.0 - Mountain Bike Dual Suspension

Despite some obvious shortcomings, though, the Siskiu has left us rethinking the entry price for dual suspension bikes. While a similarly priced hardtail will be lighter and is likely to offer a better fork, the Polygon doesn’t give ground on much else.

Polygon Bike Dual Suspension - Siskiu D 7.0

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