Polygon Helios C8X Disc - Bicycling Australia Review

Being the endurance bike in the range, the C8X has a taller headtube, a slightly lower bottom bracket and longer wheelbase than the race styled bikes in the range. This is designed to allow the bike to be ridden for longer and to increase the stability of the bike at speed. A nice touch if you like to, or are thinking about riding the ever increasing number of Grand Fondo style events or charity rides out there.

Polygon Helios C8X

Standing back looking at the C8X the first thing that you notice is that this is a slick looking bike, aided by the minimal approach to decals on the full carbon frame. A closer look reveals there are a few, but they are all matt grey or matt black and are nicely understated. This is something different compared to the norm these days, with many bikes being covered in every acronym known to man, in several different contrasting colours. If you like black bikes, this one could be for you. The external finish on the frame is attractive with the top layer of clear coat looking thick and smooth, with the raw carbon showing through in the sunlight.

Polygon Helios C8X

Overall, this is a great value bike for those wanting a Di2 equipped all day bike that won’t offend you with its looks or manners. A solid, stable platform that with a few personal changes could become happy rolling in the bunch or ticking off the k’s along the Great Ocean Road. Rough roads won’t stop the fun and neither will some gravel.

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