Polygon Helios C8X - Bike Exchange Review

… “It’s a Polygon”… “A what?!”… “A Polygon”… (source: Bikeexchange)

That pretty much sums up the majority of conversations I’ve had over the past three weeks whilst testing out Polygon’s Helios C8X.

People like the look of it, and to be quite honest it looks the business. That said the gloss black frame with no obvious markings leads to endless questions about the bike. This could be looked at as a good and bad thing…

Helio C8X Polygon

Regardless of how good this bike is, Polygon will have to overcome the stigma sometimes attached to non-mainstream brands, and the thought (right or wrong) that cheaper means reduced quality. So ‘good’, in the fact that people can ride this quality bike for a great price, and ‘bad’ because people that see it flashing by them up a hill or along Beach rd, have no idea what it is.

Helio C8X Polygon

The bike itself is one of Polygon’s C class stable, which differentiates it from A class stock as an ‘endurance’ bike. Don’t let the ‘C’ fool you though; the frame is stiff, responsive and light, and the endurance component really comes from the longer wheelbase, 25mm tyres as standard and a longer head tube. These features are really noticeable and much appreciated after a few hours on rough roads. The first longish ride I did with the Polygon had me realising at the 85k mark that I still felt super fresh, wasn’t fatigued in the shoulders and had good legs (much to the displeasure of my group). I pushed on for the remainder of the ride to really see what this could do.

Helio C8X Polygon

One important thing to consider when buying this bike (or any Polygon) is the online experience.

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