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Riding Polygon Collosus DH9

The Colossus is a hot-bed of prototype components as Fab and the team worked hard with various brands through the design, manufacturing and testing process. The 7-speed BOX Components shifter and derailleur have been seen before, but will they ever make it to market?

Polygon Collosus DH9
Polygon Collosus DH9

At a whisker under 180cm, Fabien rides an XL frame which has a reach of 447mm in the low setting. A Spank Spike direct mount stem set at 30mm and his handlebar height from the floor is 1055mm.

Polygon Collosus DH9


Checking the weight distribution with the rider in position shows that 42.5% of the total weight including the bike is on the front wheel. With the average gradient of a World Cup downhill track being 5% this shows that Cous should have close to 50/50 weight distribution when riding.

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