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Marin Presidio 3 Commuter Bike - Gearminded Review

There’s so much to like about the Marin Presidio family of bikes. And the Marin Presidio 3 checks all of the boxes for a modern urban commuter. The days of the heavy, ground-and-pound city bike are gone – unless that’s your vibe.


Gates Carbon Drive

The Marin Presidio 3 is more than transportation; it’s an experience. All of the bike’s features are referred to as “touchpoints,” and nowhere is this more evident than with the drivetrain. Go ahead and glance on the photo below; your eyes aren’t playing tricks. There’s no chain on this bike. Instead, this model integrates Gates Carbon Drive with the premium aluminum frame. No rust. No grease. No fooling. Just brilliance!

The low-maintenance Gates Carbon belt drive. No rust. No grease. No fooling. Just brilliance!

Riding to and from coffee shops and workspaces is part of my weekly routine. The low maintenance of Gates Carbon Drive is a big selling point. And the extra cost (marginal) of a belt system is easily justified for 3-4 times more service life than a chain-drive system.


The Marin Presidio 3 is a versatile urban bike

As dreamy as it sounds, we can’t all have endless storage for our bikes. Take it from a Millennial. Homeownership is eons away, so rental living it is for the time being. And that reality is shared by many other people across the world, people who enjoy riding or rely on the bike for transportation. What if you could adjust one bike to ride in many conditions? Spoiler alert! The Presidio 3 makes this possible.

Racks… check! Disc brakes… check! Tire clearance… check! Low maintenance drivetrain… check! The bike handles all of my urban-riding needs and requires less space than my previous fleet.


The Marin Presidio 3 makes riding fun

Designed with all cyclists in mind, the Marin Presidio 3 is always comfortable, quiet, and easy to ride on the pavement. When racks and bags are added, the bike is sturdy and durable, thanks to a quality build kit. Remove all of the accessories, and the bike is sporty and nimble. For less than a grand, the Presidio 3 provides a good value and even better experiences.

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