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Marin's Alpine Trail 7 is a truly affordable 29er with up-to-date geometry, 150 millimeters of wheel travel in the back and a 160-millimeter fork. That's right. For less than $3,000 USD you can own a bike that approaches the features and performance of the big-wheel dream-bikes Pinkbike has been flaunting for two years running. 




The Trail 7 feels very deliberate under saddle. There is enough firmness built into the suspension to climb steep pitches without soft pedaling. That's a good thing, because the Marin weighs almost 33 pounds, and a measure of that heft in its wheels and tires. No, it doesn't accelerate with anything that resembles spunk, but it's gearing is low enough to find a good zone, and it's surprisingly efficient as long as you keep the power steady. I always made it to the summit with enough left to keep my downhill game sharp.




Half of my time aboard the Marin was a celebration of moist hero dirt which led me to the dangerous conclusion that the bike could do not wrong in the turns. If I had stopped and written the review then, I probably would have raved about the tenacity of its Vee Flow Snap tires... the evil rubber daemons who made repeated attempts to murder me after the trails dried up a month later. How could a front wheel, shod with such a capable looking tread push so badly when pressed into a turn? How could such manly looking edging blocks awkwardly slip down off-camber sections that worn out Minions could dance on?


I was impressed that such a big feeling chassis could be maneuvered in such tight quarters. I attribute some of that goodness to the bike's 76-degree seat tube angle in addition to its compact chainstays.

— RC




+ Good climber for a 33-pound, 150mm bike 
+ Solid, we-can-do-this handling
+ Contemporary geometry


- Tires miss the mark
- Restricted seatpost insertion depth


                                                                                                    Photo credit to Bike List

Pinkbike's Take 


Great geometry and contemporary handling should not be restricted to high-priced superbikes. Marin gets it. The Alpine Trail 7 hands you the keys to the kingdom hall of aggressive trail bikes for less than half of what it used to cost to join the club. Let's hope that this trend catches fire.

— RC


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