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Bicycles Online has been featured on eBay sellers stories. Check out the video and discover a few strategies that helped us become a Top Rated Seller in eBay. 


eBay Seller Stories - Bicycles Online

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Thanks for the feedback!

19 August 2016
Thanks for the feedback! Yep we are on the same page. New Polygon mountain bike and road bike apparel is on its way. Should land at our warehouse in about November this year.

Love the MTB's

4 August 2016
Love the range of MTB's, spectacular value in my opinion, and am looking to upgrade to a Collosus T6 (or maybe an N6) in a few months. At the moment I ride a crappy no name brand I purchased on EBay about 18 months ago. Its certainly better than some low end dual suspension but I'm envious of my sons and their top line Giants. Back to Polygon ..... what is frustrating is your lack of MTB apparel. I look through this blog and see photos of Polygon team riders in various jerseys that would obviously promote Polygon, (although you can't necessarily see the graphics in the photos but I'm assuming). I'm looking for (at least) a new jersey at the moment and my thought was to get a Polygon jersey before the bike, but seems its not to be. (I know you have a basically white jersey on special but not really appropriate for mountain bike riding .... colourwise and fit). Living in Penrith and riding every weekend at tracks at Glenbrook NP, Knapsack, Yellowmundee and Wylde there are probably less Polygons out this way than over to the north so you are missing one tiny opportunity to have someone doing their tiny bit to promote the brand in the west. So the question .... when do you start getting some cool MTB colour jerseys on the market .... sick of seeing Giant, Specialised, Trek and Cannondale all over the place.

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