Product Review: Topeak RaceRocket HP Road Bike Pump


  • Small, compact, light
  • Hose makes pumping up the tyre that much easy
  • Fits in jersey pocket, don't need to carry it in the frame


  • No air pressure gauge
  • Specific for road bikes


In the world of cycling, weight, function and looks are everything. We're all looking for that me piece of gear that makes the riding experience that much better. In my search for a road bike pump, i found the Topeak RaceRocket HP to be the very best in the 3 categories above. 



The Topeak RaceRocket HP is a small portable road bike pump that stays out of the way on short and long rides, regardless of where you're keeping, yet it comes to life when you need it the most. In my case, I carry it on one of my jersey's rear pockets, alongside energy bars and gels. When called to action, 2 minutes are more than enough to bring a 25c tyre to 100PSI (or thereabouts). 






I absolutely love the extendable hose that links the pump to the valve in the wheel, meaning I can solely worry about pumping the tyre as fast as, knowing there won't be any air pressure lost. 


On the third category, and for some the most important one, I can't fault its looks, 3 colours to choose from, shiny alloy and a rubber grip that goes unnoticed. 



Been using this pump for a while now and as long as you can live with not having an air pressure gauge, this is absolutely perfect. 

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