Product Review: Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-Tool


  • compact, light
  • enough tools to build a rocket ship
  • carry bag


  • most riders will never use 50% of the tools in here
  • metal tyre lever shouldn't be used on more expensive wheelsets


If you're mechanic savvy, hate being left roadside waiting for a ride home or you're just cautious and like the idea of having all tools available to fix a problem (or getting others to fix it for you), then the Topeak Mini 20 Pro is the perfect tool for you.

Its slim and compact design are deceiving at first glance, as you're trying to understand how in the world was Topeak able to jam 20 functions into such a small multi tool. Winner of the RedDot Design Award, this is in my opinion Topeak's best multi tool by far!

Super finishing on all parts of this tool, very handy chain breaker with enough grip for guys with bigger hands and the so essential bottle opener. Also comes with a neoprene carry bag, where I can a spare chain quick-link. 


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