Product Review: Fizik Antares R3 K:ium rails

•    Weight
•    Comfort
•    Design
•    Durability
•    Works well with the Fizik P:ak saddle bag

•    No central channel relief zone
•    Can be a slippery saddle



Saddles are perhaps the most personal parts on a bicycle, one that for intermediate and advanced riders makes or breaks a ride. Finding the right saddle is not easy and I must’ve owned nearly 20 different saddles in the last 10 years. Fizik is a brand that made a name for itself selling bicycle saddles and I decided to try one. Using their method for choosing the right saddle based on your hip flexibility, I learned that the Antares would be the right one for me.

The saddle felt comfortable from day 1, on short and long rides, as the saddle proved to be supportive but not intrusive in my pedalling efforts. The long saddle nose and flat profile allows me to move on the saddle, forwards when tackling steep uphills and backwards when hard on the brakes.

With over 6,000km on this saddle, I can say it is one of my favourite saddles and will be part of my bike for the months/years to come.


Recommended for: Road cyclist (intermediate and advanced) who likes a wide, flat and long saddle and usually rides with bibs or bike shorts.

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