Product Review: Camelbak Podium 710ml

Likes Dislikes
•    Tasteless
•    Easy to check water level
•    Easy to squeeze

•    Can’t squeeze out the last few drops of water



Cycling water bottles come and go, dad used to say. Whilst this is true for most free water bottles we get from participating on a cycling event or from when you buy a new bike, it’s not until you get a quality water bottle that you first realised how much better it is. My perception on quality water bottles changed 4 years ago when I got my first Camelbak Podium bottle. No more funny tasting water, hard to squeeze bottle, nightmare to re-fill and nozzle that testes your ability to multitask mid ride. In fact, I’m so happy with the Camelbak Podium water bottle range that I got an extra 4 bottles as these are now the only bottles I use for sports.
Unfortunately, due to the compact bottle design, the last few drops are nearly impossible to squeeze. This sometimes forces me to stop by the side of the road and remove the cap to quench my thirst with the few drops inside.



Recommended for:
Everyone, mountain bikers, road cyclists, commuter, hikers, runners and gym goers. High quality water bottle that will stand the test of time.

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