2019 Marin Mount Vision - RotorBurn Review

The guys at Rotorburn took the new Marin Mount Vision for a test ride and this was their feedback:

Remember the days before being able to seamlessly buy a bike online when you’d walk into your local bike store and read a brochure of a trail bike you want buy and the headline would say “Climbs like a mountain goat, descends like a downhill bike”. Nowadays you read the same blurb on your favourite websites and you do your research online and either make the purchase from your local store or add that dream bike to your basket online. When you treat yourself to a visit to Bicycles Online’s website and define your search to dual suspension mountain bikes, you’ll be treated to the listing of the 2019 Marin Mount Vision 8. When you click through to the details, you won’t see the corny cliché headline but after spending a good amount of time on this bike I can safely say that the headline should say “Climbs like a mountain goat, descends like a downhill bike”.


The Marin Mount Vision 8 is designed and built to work for you on the trails. That bulky looking section of the frame is the renowned Naild R3eact 2 play system that to put it simply; keeps your tyres on the ground for traction and almost eliminates wasted energy on pedal bob. I love the science behind making a bike work instead of making a bike look good. This design has a purpose and when you’re on top of it on the dirt, you’ll understand and you’ll have a sore face from grinning.

Suspension wise, the bike is what I call the almost perfect size: 150mm travel on the frame via the Rockshox Deluxe R air shock and the Rockshox 150mm Pike RC. There’s no fuss with this pair, you set the air pressure, you dial your rebound and you ride the hell out of it. Too many people get confused with too many dials on clicky bits on forks and shocks but this guy avoids that complication by giving you a bike built to ride.


I love riding bikes and can say that the popularity of enduro has driven designers and manufacturers to build do-it-all bikes and geez, they’re bloody actually doing it! You’d be hard pressed to buy an enduro bike nowadays that doesn’t do it so well, some just do it a little differently and some better. As I hinted earlier, the 150mm travel front and rear on the 27.5” wheels is almost perfect. I love that this bike feels so damn planted to the ground that your confidence to ride it faster and faster feels so right. It doesn’t feel heavy to ride and in the excitement of me riding it, I never weighed it (sorry!). Climbing is impressive enough with a wide range 12 speed cassette but pair that with a frame design that pushes you up the hill with each pedal stroke and you’re on a winner. Its tricky to describe the feel of the R3act suspension system but imagine that extra section of the frame that houses the shorter travel stanchion in the swingarm controls the weigh you’re putting into it and stops compression. It also works amazingly well at keeping the suspension travel direct and efficient. Its surprisingly easier riding this up a hill than other suspension designs, thats it in a nutshell.


I’m treated to being able to ride so many amazing bikes in so many awesome places. I build some trails that test me and test the capability of our generation of amazing bikes. We’ve seen some pretty cool stuff find it’s way onto our rides and I reckon the Naild R3act suspension platform is the sleeper of the mountain bike world and would like to see it under more riders. It is an amazing experience riding this design and without doubt, it makes you progress and ride faster with more confidence. I’m battling to describe how good this bike rides without swearing but will politely say; it’s f#@king sick! Get near one for a test ride or borrow a mates as soon as you can, you will not regret it.


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