Are you looking for a new mountain bike, a new friend to ride outdoors in many bumpy trails? If so, you’ll probably have to choose between a 27.5” and a 29” bike. Here at Bicycles Online, we offer mountain bikes from a range of internationally known manufacturers, and we pride ourselves at the most competitive prices in the Australian market. If you’re not sure how to choose the right MTB, read on to find out whether 29er is the one you need. Get to know its features and if in doubt, give us a call so we can discuss further!

What Does This Number Even Mean?

27.5” and 29” stand for the mountain bike with a wheel of these sizes. If you’re a seasoned rider with many years under your belt, you’ll know that wheel size was initially not an important feature for mountain bikers. Namely, all mountain bikes used to come with standard wheels of 26”. However, then came 29” or 29ers, followed by 27.5”, and these two sizes nowadays dominate the field of mountain bikes. Which one of the two is the right fit for you, depends mostly on your own preferences and the type of terrain you plan on riding your bike on. If you end up having doubts even after careful consideration, you can test both. Here at Bicycles Online, we offer a trial period of 14 days. If the one you choose isn’t right for you, return it and have a go with another one.


Larger wheels accelerate a bit slower than smaller wheels. This is due to larger wheels placing their weight farther from the centre of the wheel, resulting in higher rotational mass and slower acceleration. In this particular case, it means that a 29er will accelerate a tad slower than its counterpart 27.5” bike, which may make the 29er slower on a twisty single track with lots of speed changes, acceleration and braking zones. On the other hand, a 29er is more efficient on longer rides. Unlike smaller wheels, 29” wheels will require less effort to keep the momentum going, so once you’re at top speed, sit back and enjoy the ride!


The greater surface area, the better traction. This means that 29ers generally have better traction. While 27.5” bikes aren’t necessarily bad in this realm, providing traction is good for most purposes if you plan on riding over slippery rocks and roots. Likewise, due to the larger size wheels, any small bumps in the trail have less impact on your speed and ride comfort, as the larger wheels “iron out” the trail. If you know you’ll be riding along those kinds of trails, 29ers are likely to be the best choice.



Weight is also intuitive when choosing between 27.5” and 29”: smaller wheels are lighter, as larger ones require more wheel material and more tire rubber. If you’re a casual biker, this difference of up to a kilo will probably won’t be significant. But competitive or long-distance cross-country riders will be looking for ways to save weight. Smaller wheels are just one of those ways; if 29ers have won your heart over with their other characteristics, look into ultralight carbon fibre frames, seats, handlebars and rims. You can also reduce weight by setting your wheels up to be tubeless. This will also contribute to faster acceleration, so it’s a win-win!

Attack Angle

Attack angle is the angle formed when a wheel touches a square object. The shallower the angle, the better, because it means the wheels will roll more easily over the object. 29ers have an advantage here, as their attack angle is slightly shallower, which means they are better at riding over roots, rocks and logs scattered around on your trails. If this is the terrain you plan on riding on, you will definitely feel more confident with larger wheels.

Why Bicycles Online

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