If you’re looking for a mountain bike that will serve you in an array of conditions, look no further than a 27.5" mountain bike, the most versatile wheel size option there is. This size will be a valuable companion on the trail. Here at Bicycles Online, we offer mountain bikes from internationally known manufacturers at the most competitive prices. Our first class 27.5” mountain bikes can be precisely what you’re looking for. Get to know their features and if in doubt, give us a call so we can discuss further!

What Does This Number Even Mean?

27.5” stands for the mountain bike with a wheel of this size. Wheel size was initially not an important feature for mountain bikers – in the beginning, all mountain bikes came with standard wheels of 26”. But things have changed since then, and there are now two sizes that dominate the field: 29” or 29ers that came first, followed by 27.5”, also known as 650b. Which one is the right for you depends mostly on what you want to get from a mountain bike, as well as the type of terrain you usually ride on (or want to ride on in the future). If you end up having doubts though, you can always test both. Here at Bicycles Online, we offer a 14-day trial period, all with the end goal of securing the best bike for each of our customers!



27.5” have faster acceleration, as smaller wheels accelerate faster than larger wheels. If you remember high school physics, you’ll know that’s because larger wheels place their weight farther from the centre of the wheel. This means they will have higher rotational mass and slower acceleration. If you cut down on the rotational mass of a rolling object, it will roll faster and with more ease. This is often thought to be one of the biggest benefits of a 27.5” wheel. Faster accelerating wheels allow for a responsive feel of the bike, which is something many riders prefer.



If you opt for 27.5” wheels, they’ll provide good traction and be suitable for most purposes. They’re not the best though, so consider other features as acceleration, weight and fit may ultimately prove to be more critical in your choice of wheel size. If you want to ride on slippery rocks, maybe avoid these and go for the bigger wheels.



Another thing that’s quite intuitive is the weight: bikes with 27.5” wheels are lighter. Naturally, larger wheels require more wheel material and more tire rubber, which can weigh up to about a kilogram. Of course, this may be either very important to you or not so much, depending on the type of riding you do. If you’re a casual biker, this kilo more or less shouldn’t be that big of a concern, and traction and attack angle will be more important to you. But if you compete or go on long-distance cross country rides, saving weight will be of great importance, and opting for smaller wheels can be an excellent way to reduce it. Don’t forget it’s not the only way though: you can always look into ultralight frames made of carbon fibre, handlebars, seats and rims.


Attack Angle

Attack angle is the angle formed between a wheel and a square object. The shallower this angle, the better, because it means the wheels will roll more easily over the object. Wheels of 27.5” don’t roll as easily as 29ers, but they’re still capable. This is again something worth considering in combination with where you will be riding. If you are doing mostly smooth trails, 27.5” will do well enough.


Why Bicycles Online

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