Women exploring the great outdoors on their bikes have seen the rise and development in the women’s mountain bike industry - from professional level to the casual leisure cycling. It’s great to have so much variety to choose from, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, and whether you enjoy cross-country trails or a more technical, advanced terrain. Here at Bicycles Online, we offer a wide range of women’s mountain bikes. Read on to find about their distinct features and what differentiates them from all the rest, and then browse through our selection to find the best one for yourself!

The Factsheet

Women-specific bikes have appeared in virtually every point of the mountain bike spectrum. That means that there are no unique “women’s bikes”, but any other type of mountain bike has a version that is tweaked to suit a female rider. A common feature of these bikes is a lower standover height, together with slacker geometry, the one that doesn’t impact climbing though, nor affects descending. In fact, if you talk to experts, they will usually agree that no single feature differentiates women’s bike from men’s or unisex bikes. Given that there’s no single female body type, that’s quite intuitive. However, there are commonalities, and most manufacturers agree that the average woman is shorter and lighter than the average man, so they’ll construct their bikes accordingly.

Touch Points

Some brands, however, such as Yeti, Santa Cruz and Specialized, feel that an excellent bicycle shouldn’t exhibit differences in geometry to work better for one specific sex. What they focus on instead are touch points designed with a woman rider in mind. This means that the saddle will be designed to fit a woman, handlebar will be narrower and cranks shorter. Besides, shock systems of these bikes will be tuned for a lighter rider.


A women-specific saddle will probably work for most women. However, it may happen that it doesn’t work for you personally for whatever reason. If you give your new bike several test rides and learn that the saddle is uncomfortable, bear in mind our 14-day trial period. If you’re unhappy with your purchase and feel it won’t work for the long run, we will gladly discuss the matter so we can find the best one for you.


Women’s handlebars have “grown” a bit recently and come with 740mm, 760mm or even wider setups. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with a wide bar, you might not like it immediately. A wide bar can give you more control and stability, so it might be worth several test rides to see whether you can get used to it and turn it into your advantage. If you still feel that it’s too wide, though, it can have the opposite effect. (But please take at least one good test ride, because just testing the bike in the store does not give the right feel of a ride.) Take your time, and remember that the handlebar can be cut a little if a little is what you think will make it perfect! 


Women-specific bikes often come in sizes that are not offered in unisex versions. If you see a bike size XS and even XXS, the chances are that it’s a bike designed with a woman rider in mind. Of course, testing it out will work best anyway, so don’t forget to do that!

The Right Mountain Bike for You

Before clicking “purchase” on any mountain bike, it’s important to assess what you intend to do with your bike, what kind of trails you want to conquer, and how skilled you are. If you plan on riding on smooth trails, a cross-country bike is probably the best choice. If you know you’ll be riding uphill and downhill, a trail bike might be better, as it’s efficient going up and playful on descents. If you want to practice steep trails downhill, go for an all-mountain (enduro) bike.

Why Bicycles Online

Here at Bicycles Online, we’re not just biking experts who know our bikes; we’re biking enthusiasts who want to share our love and passion with our customers. We’ll be happy to assist with any inquiry you might have because we want you to ride the best bike possible, tailored for you and your needs! 
We have a wide range of different mountain bikes and will gladly advise and give our two cents when it comes to the right choice for you. Moreover, all our bikes are hand-picked from only the best manufacturers, and you’ll be happy to learn that we offer them at competitive prices. This is thanks to our unique business model where we communicate with manufacturers directly, being able to surpass any additional costs your regular store might have.
Browse through our selection of women-specific mountain bikes, and contact us if there are any doubts! Remember that we have Fast Shipping Australia Wide, and what’s even better, our 14-day bike returns is perfect for trying out your bike and making sure it indeed is the best one for your upcoming rides!