BMX Bikes are used for a wide range of BMX disciplines, including BMX race, dirt, freestyle, street, park and more. BMX frames are generally made from steel, making it capable of handling aggressive moves and big landings. Given their size, durability, and simplicity, BMX bikes are also a great option for older children and adolescents. It’s a very low maintenance choice, no gears to look after and fewer parts to damage. BMX bikes come in a variety of wheel sizes, 20” being the most commonly used, but ranging anywhere from 16" to 26”.

Dirt Jumping Bikes are made specifically for dirt jumping, but they also work very well at the skatepark and for most slopestyle applications. They are generally found as Hardtails and suspension travel is typically 100mm or less. Dirt Jump Riders tent to have suspension settings very firm to prevent bottoming while jumping. Single speed gearing is commonly the weapon of choice for simplicity and ease maintenance. Tires are generally 2.1-2.3-inches wide and are made to roll fast, so they don't have many knobs.

Check out the message from Sam Reynolds about his custom black Dirt Jump Bike: